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  • Barcodes for Medical Products

    linear barcode label software provides superior quality labels on required health care products. Barcode label software generates solutions to create the efficient way of printing codes and labels on health care
  • Battle Pool ( Pool Wars II ) v1.50

    line up your shot and take down your enemy's king in this exciting mix of the classic gameplay of pool and the intriguing strategy of chess. A pulsatling, futuristic soundtrack sets the tone as soldiers, magicians and
  • FlashShare Lines Deluxe 1.0

    lines Deluxe is an extremely addictive variation on the classic lines game.It is played on a 9x9-squared game board, which is filled with colored game balls. Your goal is to align balls into lines of the same color by
  • Invaderers 1.0

    lines of unbelivable disciplined aliens are attacking the earth! You have to defend this evil invasion with your laser. But when you survived the first wave, soon the next one will appear. And every new wave is faster
  • JAMA 1.0.2

    linear algebra package that you can use. linear algebra package that you can use. JAMA was developed as a handy and basic linear algebra package for Java. It provides user-level classes for constructing and
  • Line Count 'N' Invoice 2009

    line Count N Invoice is a tool for Transcription Industry including Medical,Legal, Secretarial, etc. as well as Translation Industry. It has great capability to doc line count , MS-Office line Count , Excel line Count .
  • Line Count Mini 3.0

    line Count Mini v3.0 tool is all new powerful line Count software for Transcription Industry including Medical Transcription, Secretarial as well as translation industry. line Count Mini is an usefull tool to count
  • Line Counter 1.5.5

    line Counter is a command-line tool for software developers. This program can report the total number of lines of code and comment lines in C, C , C#, Java, JavaScript and PHP source files. The output may be
  • Line Space Wars 1.01

    line Space Wars is a space shooting game. You can ride over 20 unique spaceships / battleships. Explore the line universe and defeat the empire! Game Features - Huge universe totally consist of lines and points. - Over
  • Line Wars 1.0

    line Wars is a classic game where each player controls a line that just keeps on growing. Features include: Up to 8 players Artificial insipience Hand-drawn obstacles Acceleration Explosions Sparks Still or
  • Lineage 2 'High Five Update' Trailer HD 1.0

    lineage 2 'High Five Update' Trailer
  • Lineage II Wallpaper 1.0

    lineage II
  • Lineage II: Gracia Epilogue - Gameplay Movie 1.0

    lineage II: Gracia Epilogue - Gameplay
  • Lineage Life and Labors of Jose Rizal Philippin

    lineage Life and Labors of Jos Rizal Philippin, Austin Craig,
  • Linear Account Manager 3.0

    linear Account Manager is a software solution for the product Acces Control. This software allows you to set the parameters regarding the passing entry passwords.You can also block transmitters, block card keys, set the
  • Linear Algebra Decoded 1.23

    linear Algebra Decoded is a program designed to assist students in the subject of linear Algebra, although it has features for professors, including the ability to generate tests where problems are customized and
  • Linear interpolation 1.1

    linear Interpolation Calculator gives you the possibility to interpolate between values to arrive to the correct intermediate result.This is a free application, easy to install, easy to use and with a friendly user
  • Linear Programming 2.0

    linear Programming 2.0 offers you a powerful program which allows you to enter objectives and constraints into a Windows-based application. This easy to use application solves both Primal and Dual equations. A must for
  • Linear Systems 1.02

    linear Systems gives a complete, step-by-step solution of the following problem: Given a 2x2 linear system (two equations, two variables) or 2x3, or 3x2, or 3x3, or 3x4, or 4x3, or 4x4 linear system. Find its solution
  • LinearMath (Motorola) 1

    linearMath compute the solutions of systems of linear equations up to five variables. It provides an interface for user to enter the coefficients of each variable on each Equation. It is an indispensable mathematical and
  • LinearMath (Nokia Series 40) 1

    linearMath compute the solutions of systems of linear equations up to five variables. It provides an interface for user to enter the coefficients of each variable on each Equation. It is an indispensable mathematical and
  • Lineguard 1.2

    lineguard - Programmfeatureslineguard berwacht beliebig viele Netzwerkarten und DF-Verbindungen die am Betriebssystem angemeldet sind und zeigt die gesammelten Informationen in sogenannten Pad's an. Das
  • Lines Deluxe 1.0

    lines Deluxe is among the most challenging games of all times but it appears simple at the beginning. lines Deluxe requires a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to make a score and it is played on a board that is
  • Lines for Mac 1.0

    lines is an addictive one-player board game. The goal is to arrange five or more balls of one colour in a continuous line so that they disappear. Each time you move a ball, three more balls of random colours fall onto
  • Lines3D 1.1

    lines3D is a variant classic game. You like classic lines games, but feel a necessity of renewal? You think such games need something special and fresh to awake your interest again? We have found original solving of
  • lineup123 1.0

    line up numbers 123. Use arrow keys to shift columns and rows of numbers. Grid size is 3x3 to 9x9. Use arrow keys to shift columns and rows of numbers. One pretty decent puzzle and word game.Program Features- Grid
  • Linex 1.0

    linex is a funny, interesting and enjoyable logical puzzle game. The game is done fully in 3D and looks very attractive at modern standards. linex is an ultra modern 3-dimensional remake of the famous lines game. In the
  • Linez! 1.0

    linez! is a new version of popular puzzle game lines! Make the lines “ establish the rules!;) Try our new version of popular puzzle game lines “ free and amazing casual game developed just for you! We took the old
  • MomSoft Lines 1.0

    lines is a FREE addictive logic game. The rules are very simple but as you will soon see, achieving good scores is not easy. You have to arrange balls creating horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of five or more balls
  • Moneydrain 1.0

    line up the black boxes to form a drain and take your money down as fast as possible. Layout A 10x12 grid with 12 pieces to start (6 green and 6 red). Pieces move down into empty spaces. Aim of the game Move a row left